How To Get the Most Out of Your Guest Bath Organization

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Week two is here for Organizing your guest/kids’ bath! If you’re needing pointers on getting started with the guest bath organization and de-cluttering, you can find step-by-step instructions here

There are so many variations when you’re talking about a bathroom other than the master bath. For instance, you could have a half bath/powder room for your guests, you could have a full bath utilized by your children and guests, or you could have both. If you follow along with my Pinterest board for Operation Year of Organization, you’ll find all sorts of ideas for handling any of these bathrooms.

Fortunately, a bathroom is a much smaller space to tackle than the living room we handled last month so finding great storage and organization solutions should be a breeze!


Having extra towels handy for guests is always appreciated. If your guests don’t have to search for what they need, it’ll make them feel more at home and less invasive. If you have the extra space, I love this towel ladder from Funky Junk Interiors because it brings some beauty and style to the display of everyday necessities. And if you’re short on storage space in your home, it definitely frees up some extra room by taking the towels out of the cabinet and putting them on display.

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Or, if you want a total storage piece, this DIY project from The Home Depot is perfect for just that. Not only can you house towels, soaps, lotions, and all the extras, you can spiff up your space with decorations as well. This project has a step-by-step on the Home Depot Blog page, takes just a few hours to make, and costs less than $100! You’d pay hundreds for something like this in the store!

If using a piece like this, it’s important to note that you want to make sure every shelf is organized. Instead of just stacking towels or laying sponges and cloths out, find baskets or totes to separate like items into. The more you break it down and box it up, the more organized your space will feel. It’s super helpful to guests because it keeps them from feeling overwhelmed with what’s in front of them. Their eyes will pick up on the groups of like items, and it will be so much easier for them to pull the items they need instead of worrying that they’re digging through every item just to find a couple of things.

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Shower Essentials

Built in shower storage is fantastic, but what if you don’t have that option? The great news is there are so many options out there for organizing your shower items, and you can find some great ones at affordable prices. Even the dollar store carries shower caddies! When it comes to housing things like shampoos and conditioners, soaps and body washes, it’s always a great idea to separate the “his” from the “hers”. While it’s not necessary by any means, it’s just another way to help your guests get to what they want right away rather than sifting through every other bottle until they find what they need.

If your guest bath is also shared with children, this definitely comes in handy for the kids (if you have both sexes, that is)! Defining who’s is what can bring those shower times down a few minutes and prevent the “they used my stuff!” arguments that tend to strike up after bathroom time. This idea of adding labels to a shower caddy is a great, easy way to get that separation while still making it obvious what each basket is for. Unfortunately, the original post is no longer existing, but I like the idea nontheless.

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Okay, get ready to have your mind blown with this other shower organization option. It’s so simple and so inexpensive, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before! Dawn of Dawn Nicole Designs shows how simply adding an extra shower rod along the back wall of your shower can give you the organization you need. Place “s” hooks on the rod and voila! Now you have easy hanging organization! So genius!

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Shelving Storage

Trying to find room in a small bathroom space can feel impossible. The trick to use unique ways to squeeze that extra storage in. If there isn’t any floor space to give for extra storage, you can almost always look to the walls. Laura Cattano from The Order Obsessed shows just how beautiful and functional a small wall of shelf space can be. Not only does her shelf provide space for extra towels, but toiletries as well. The shelves are also sleek and minimalistic and don’t make the room feel heavy and overbearing. Like we discussed in my last organizational post The Guest Bath, you’re not looking to hold your entire stockpile of items here. You need space for only what you need, nothing more. Trying to fit fifteen extra towels and twenty rolls of toilet paper into a small room isn’t necessary. Be realistic, and don’t over do it.

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Wall cabinets are also a great idea for storage and organization in a small bathroom! They offer a great place to keep your items without taking up floor space in a large furniture piece, and they can be kept hidden behind cabinet doors if preferred. This DIY bathroom cabinet from Liz Marie Blog is so stunning I can’t quit staring at it! She made this from a window! How cool is that?! While this particular cabinet doesn’t provide hidden storage, it does display beautifully and fits great above the toilet, which is a space we can all utilize for extra organization!

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You can find these ideas and so many more by following my Pinterest Board for Operation Year of Organization. If you’re getting dual purpose out of your guest bath with your kids, you’ll find some helpful organization ideas there for that as well – from mason jar storage to tub storage for those bath toys.

Just remember when organizing your guest bath: you can’t “box” enough. Put things in baskets, tubs, totes, etc. Group like items together. Make sure your guest used items are easily accessible and visible for ease of use. If you have kids using the bathroom, utilize the space under the sink in the cabinet of the vanity to house their daily items like hair ties, hair products, deodorant, etc. But don’t just set them in there nicely! Organize them in baskets as well – just the same as you do for your guest items. Pulling out basket or two to grab their items each day is so much easier than them fishing around for something in the morning in a hurry. Things get knocked over, and the organization will go to the wayside in the first week.

I’ll be back here next week with my “Before” and “After” photos along with all the details of what and why I did what I did. And don’t forget: starting February 25nd, you’ll be able to share your own guest bathroom “After” photo for a chance to win a gift card to The Home Depot courtesy of store #2205!

In the meantime, you can find all of these ideas and more on my Pinterest board, so follow along and get to finding those perfect pieces for organizing your guest bathroom space! We’re down to two weeks until reveal time for y’all. Focus on one area of organization at a time, and you’ll be able to finish in time to move on to next month’s space!


  1. Julie | 17th Feb 16

    Great ideas here! My favorite is the extra curtain rod in the shower! Never would have thought of that!

    • expressionsbyred | 19th Feb 16

      Isn’t that such an awesome idea?! Gotta love Pinterest, cause I never would’ve thought of it either!

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