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Hey there! That’s me and my crazy bunch. We strive to always keep it real and keep it weird.

I’m a born and raised Kansas girl, and while most days I’d love to relocate to a more scenic state, all of my family is here and thus, my heart. I spend my days managing the house, a business and that ball of energy 2 year old in the picture while his siblings are at school. I’ve come to realize I’ll never have “down time” as I’ve always got my hands busy with something, and I’ll always have the desire to do and experience more.

Three things you should know about me:

I hate being called Dorothy by out-of-staters. It was a fictional movie not my biography. I have a name, and it is Crystal. If you can handle this, we’re already on our way to becoming fast friends!

I always have a full plate – in fact, more often than not I juggle too much at a time (and completely imperfectly, I might add!) It’s a very delicate balance between a home-based business and family – and one that I’m constantly adjusting to make sure my family doesn’t get the shaft.

I’m prefer being behind-the-scenes. I used to be a total social butterfly, but I think staying at home for so many years has really brought the shy awkwardness out in me!

 Whether it’s recreating an expensive piece found in the store, finding a cheaper and more natural alternative to household cleaning supplies, or figuring out how to design like the pros (and so much more!), I like to do it myself. And it ALWAYS has to be cost effective! I love to show even the biggest non-creators just how easy it is to do it themselves and how no matter who you are or your area of expertise, you can achieve the same results!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I always LOVE hearing from my readers so if you’d like, feel free to shoot me a message here. Now let’s go make something awesome!